We would like our pupils to walk to school and nursery whenever possible, however, we do appreciate that this is not always practical. 

School Bus

Transport travelling expenses are paid for children attending their catchment school if they live more than one and a half miles from the school. Where there is no public transport, contract buses are laid on. Where there are vacant seats on contract buses, these may be made available to pupils who are not normally entitled to free transport. Parents who choose to send their children to a school other than their catchment school, will normally pay their own travelling expenses. It's always worthwhile checking as there are exceptions to this rule. Further reading regarding school transport in West Lothian can be found on the West Lothian Council School Transport pages.

If travelling to the school by bus is something that you are interested in please have a look at the Bankton Bus Routes that service our school and see if this is an option for your child. 

Season bus passes for a daily bus service are provided and are issued to all Polbeth children on the grounds of safety.  Season bus passes need to be applied for via an . For lost season tickets there is a standard replacement charge of £2.00. Transport for rural pupils is provided by mini-bus and taxi contracted by West Lothian Council. For further information please have a look at School Transport Policy


School Transport procedures in the event of adverse weather

During adverse weather conditions school transport operators have been instructed that if a child is picked up on route and news reaches the driver that the school is closed, the driver will proceed to the school with the child as planned.

Under no circumstances will the driver return to the pick up point until such time as the parents have been informed of the situation. 

It is vitally important that parents are aware that transport may not operate at all in adverse weather conditions and parents must have a contingency plan should the bus not arrive at the pick up point. Please ensure that your child/children are aware of these guidelines and what to do if the bus does not arrive for any reason as normal.

In extreme weather conditions such as snow, parents/carers should carry out a risk assessment as to whether they consider it safe for their child to travel or walk to school. Parents/carers should then inform the school of their decision at the earliest opportunity.


Bikes and Scooters

Children are welcome to travel to the school on bikes or scooters. We would encourage parents to ensure their child is familiar with the route to and from the school and wears a cycle helmet. There are bike racks in the playground where bikes and scooters can be secured with a bike chain. Please note that children should not cycle in the school grounds for safety reasons and should just walk their bike or scooter to the bike racks once through the school gates.


Driving to School

We appreciate that sometimes you have no other option other than to drive your child to school. Our carpark is small and on the grounds of safety we would ask you to not drop your child off in the school carpark. Parking can be found in the street leading up to the school and in the Lanthorn car park.