Does Bankton Primary School Have A School Uniform?

Yes we do. Our uniform at Bankton Primary School is an important part of creating a sense of belonging as well as being practical and comfortable.  Our uniform includes a light blue polo shirt or white shirt with a navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan, a school tie is optional in P1 - 6.  Primary 7 are required to wear a shirt and tie with a black sweatshirt or cardigan.

Each school in West Lothian has its own dress code, for the whole school, based on the Council's policy which all pupils will be expected to keep to.

A variety of school uniform can be ordered and purchased at any time during the year through our online supplier.

Children are also required to have gym kit consisting of T-shirt, shorts and gym shoes

Children should not wear jewellery to school in case they have an accident or in case the jewellery gets lost.  Jewellery including earrings must not be worn during PE classes. Please note that no football colours or logos are allowed in the school.

The school will not be held responsible for loss of or damage to pupils' clothing and personal belongings including mobile phones. Valuable items, including jewellery and unnecessarily expensive articles of clothing, should not be brought to school.

Help With Purchasing The School Uniform

School Clothing Grants are available to parents in receipt of a qualifying benefit; application forms are available from the school or online. You can find further details of the School Clothing Grant application procedure on the School Clothing Grants, Free School Meals & Milk page

The School Bank (opens new window) in West Lothian aim to improve the lives of children in families, in West Lothian, experiencing financial hardship by providing them with a brand new school uniform, other clothing and equipment required for the school day. The uniforms are distributed by referral from the school. If you would like us to make a referral please speak to your child's teacher or the school office.

Ordering Your School Uniform

You can order school and nursery uniform online from BE School Wear and have it delivered to your home address for a small fee.

School uniform can also be ordered from the school office.


Labelling Your School Uniform

School uniform all looks the same unless you put your child's name on the inside.  It is really important that you label your child's clothing, our Lost Property Box is testament to that fact! Laundry pens, or permanent markers are great for quickly putting your child's name on the laundry tag on the inside of their clothes. You can also purchase name tags from BE School Wear, which come with your child's name printed on them. This may seem fiddly, but trust us, you will thank us in the long run!